Becoming a social entrepreneur!

An article that I and dr. Osman wrote together is finally out. This is the first in a series of articles on collective learning in social entrepreneurial organisations. In this article we aim to analyse how one becomes a social entrepreneur. For this purpose, we interviewed the founders of five social entrepreneurial organisations active in the field of social integration in Sweden. To analyse our data we found situated learning theory in communities of practice to be a relevant lens. The results indicate that these social entrepreneurs’ previous participation in integration activities was a critical factor in generating ideas for new and innovative activities. Moreover, the network of individuals and organisations that they obtained in this period assisted them on the way to learn essential skills and develop their social entrepreneurial organisations. Becoming a social entrepreneur thus seems to be a result of both individual and collective learning processes that entail learning from concrete experiences embedded in specific organisational settings.

You can find the article here. If you want to read it and dont have access to the journal dont hesitate to contact me.

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